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 Sleek Haul
I was obsessing over the new products Sleek debuted recently and not so recently, so I just had to find a way to get my hands on them. Through a good friend I was able to get a lot of their coveted items to me stateside. I'll be providing swatches and initial thoughts on two blush by 3 palettes, a few paint pouts, and the two new matte palettes.

The most anticipated palettes on my end. I swear I was itching to get these bad boys and they were worth it. The color on these palettes are brilliant for being matte. As bright as the V1 palette appears is as good as you get in palette. On my dark skin there is good color payoff without a base/primer. These are mineral based eyeshadows as with all of Sleek palettes so the shadows are very soft and some feel almost creamy. I think this palette is perfect for Spring and the coming Summer.

The V2 palette which is dark eyeshadows is gorgeous. Ideal for fall but useable year round. These are also soft and by the texture I presume they will be quite easy to blend. I am so looking forward to putting these palettes to good use. For olive skin and dark girls like myself I would advise using a base or primer as one should with any eye makeup.

Earlier this year I watched many reviews on the blush by 3 palettes. So I have the Pumpkin and Lace to try.
Lace (From left to right) Crochet [matte], Guipure [high shimmer], Chantily [matte] 
Off the bat, I am in love with Guipure from the Lace Palette though the accompanying colors are lovely as well. Guipure has such a beautiful shimmer that is ideal for a highlight on dark skin. Crochet is a pale orange with coral tones. Chantily is like a pink coral shade.
Pumpkin (Left to right) Lantern [low shimmer], Squash [satin], P Pie [matte] 

And finally the contour kit in dark. I have been on the hunt for a good contour shade for some time.
This palette seems to offer what I have been searching for. The dark brown is matte and the highlight is a shimmery golden hue, quite beautiful on brown skin when applied lightly.

In the coming week I will post a video with full review and swatches on my channel, until then, you make it a great day.

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