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 Project "Hit Pan"
I recall a few years back, many vloggers [on Youtube] were practicing using what they had in their collection. Rather than purchasing more and more items, it was a goal to use what we had until the pan was hit, hence the term "hit pan" which meant seeing the metal bottom of eyeshadow, blush, powder or what have you. This also included foundations and lip products. Since I am on this newfound budget of mine, I decided to do just that, hit pan. Wish me luck.
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 Beauty From the Earth
Mineral pigments/shadows are one of the best ways to get amazing pops of color onto the lid. They are highly pigmented and offer some really beautiful shades. A company providing this is Beauty from the Earth. I love their earth tones and neutral shades. They have bsolutely gorgeous color payoff and shimmer.

I opted to sample their products a few years ago and trust me, they last a while (as you can see). Below I have some swatches with them stand-alone as well as on a primer. These minerals are wonderful for women of color and all skin types.
The colors are in the order of the sample bag images. The top row is without base, the bottom row has Too Faced Shadow Insurance.
Copper, Chocolate, Amber, Rockstar

Antique, Marigold, Bronze, Harvest
With flash
Without flash

Dejavu, Sugar Plum, Seduction, Sedona, Rome
W/o flash
With flash

Arizona, Beaudeaux, Isis, Addicted
w/o flash
with flash
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 Budget Haul
So I have been on a tight, stretched out budget and it's been annoying. But at the same time I have learned to restrain myself from pulling out the ATM card and swiping like a mad woman. It's been a good lesson. But even diva's on a budget need to splurge [wisely] from time to time. This week has been my time.
Since I needed a few things from the pharmacy anyway, while I was there I decided to try drugstore products and with all the rave reviews on Youtube, I gave Wet n Wild a go.

I had actually gone to Walgreens for some lotion and creams since I was in dire need of skin moisturizers. I actually had Cetaphil in mind but found that the store brands were BOGO 50% off. After reading the ingredient labels side by side, I opted for the better deal which was the store brand. For good measure I also grabbed the travel size lotions to try out and use as hand lotions.

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 Purple Winged Pixie

I have been eyeing this look for some time as something that I wanted to recreate. This was one of my favorite looks that I have done and I really wished that I had saved the original video. But Halloween is coming up and since I did not have the original video, I just said "Heck with it" and made a new one.

I am so grateful that I still have my Beauty from the Earth shadows. They really are beautiful. And don't think you have to purchase the full size minerals to achieve great looks or long shelf life. I used samples that I purchased three years ago. :D


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 Shea Moisture Product Review

As all women do (or at least most), I have desired to have hair soft to the touch with a healthy shine. Thus began my product junkie addiction. I don't think I am that bad in that category though. I try different products as oppose to many. And in my quest, I stumbled upon Shea Moisture, by accident to be truthful. While shopping for baby bath items at Target, I picked up Shea Moisture's Baby Head-to-Toe Ointment just to try out. Thinking about the first time I opened the tube, I was pleasantly surprised. The aroma was intoxicating. I quickly went online and found the company website and placed an order for their soaps and a scrub. After using the scrub, I hauled my behind over to Walgreens and took advantage of the BOGO Free sale they were having to introduce Shea Moisture at the store. Have been in love ever since.

Curl Enhancing Smoothie
The curl enhancing smoothie I believe is their most popular product and it was the first product I used. Not on myself though, but on my daughter. She has thick but fine hair that is naturally curly, so I wanted something that was suitable for her [bi-racial] hair. This product provides high moisture and sheen without the greasy feel or look. Even though it has a thick consistency the product is light on the hair and does not weigh down heavily. The scent is a fragrant coconut sweetness. Love this product.

Curl and Shine Shampoo
The shampoo is great to work hand-in-hand with the smoothie. The Shea Moisture shampoo has the hair feeling clean, with a fresh coconut scent. It works great on my daughter's hair, leaving a nice curl once rinsed thoroughly. This product does lather, so if that is an issue for users, either using a small amount or none is best.

Deep Treatment Masque
This item I absolutely rave about. My sister, my cousin, friends all have been MADE to purchase this product and with no regret [let me tell you]. It can be used as a deep treatment that is rinsed out or left in the hair to condition and moisturize. I choose to wash or co-wash and then apply this quite generously to my wet hair and leave it in. The way my hair feels the next day is unbelievable. Amazingly soft and it actually feels hydrated. There is no greasy residue and my natural curl is soft and beautiful. I absolutely love how soft this make my hair, and for a girl with course, natural kinky curls, that's a feat.

The Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner is a lighter, less thick product. I put this in my hair dry in the mornings for daily moisturizer and am quite satisfied with this as well. Most of the time it is applied while my hair is braided or twisted. Still it is a great addition to my Shea Moisture product collection.

To end this review I want to elaborate on the Baby Head-to_Toe Ointment. This product contains frankincense and myrrh. This is probably what makes it smell SO great. I have eczema which is basically very dry skin, so this ointment is really awesome for winter. During the summer, it might be a bit much with the heat but I found myself using it as of late. I apply it right out of the shower on top of a cream moisturizer. A wonderful product for very dry skin and no need to wear perfume or spritz. It's a wonderful earthy scent no musk needed.

I hope this review helped. Make it a great day.


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 Hair Aspirations

At the moment this length and volume is but a dream, but it is a tangible one. How I achieved this look? I simply untwisted the kinky twists I had braided in my hair.


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 How you like me now?!
This low boy (twa) has me at a loss for hairstyles. Actually no real hairstyle is achievable. Don't get me wrong, I love it but I also like versatility. This is where wigs would come in handy but at the moment I have only one that I actually like and it was a quickweave turned wig [by me]. I guess the best thing I can do for this short hair is to learn how to accessorize and trust I am getting there :D


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