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 Summer Street Skater OOTD

I've still got some youth in me and until I hit the big 3-0 I will be sporting [some] young trends.

Top: Marshalls
Skirt: Forever21
Shoes: Ross

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 Good Eats with Emmy
Eating clean and healthy on a day to day basis can be a bit challenging, especially for those always on the go or busy bees. Working from home makes it easy for me to keep my diet in check since I control 90% of what is in my refrigerator and cabinets. I think this is the best way to make sure that bad eating doesn't happen; controlling what I put in my shopping cart, controls what I eat at home.

 And what do I mostly buy? Vegetables! This food group is lowest in calories which allows one to be able to consume more of it while providing power through nutrients.

Fruits are another must-have in the home but I'll admit it's not something I grab for easily. Try avoiding juice and you all know soda is a NO-NO. 

Who doesn't like snacks? There's a reason why chips, popcorn, snickers bars all have a cult following and do so well in stores. It's because we like to much on things in between meals. Curb your appetite and fuel the body with nuts. Be careful not to eat too much though, these pack a punch in the calorie department.

More fruits and veggies. These foods are full of antioxidants, vitamin C and all kinds of goodness. Substitute mayo for avocado, ketchup for fresh tomatoes, plain old regular yogurt for creamy greek yogurt.

This is what goes from my shopping cart to my kitchen counter and cabinets. Clean, healthy eating is easily attainable if you grab fresh, home grown produce as opposed to bagged "foods" in the grocery aisle.

You make it a great day, 

Emmy Vargas

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 Roadie OOTD
 I recently took a trip with my twin and the kids to visit family in Palm Beach. I was on my way to shoot some photography for a cousin who's expecting. I knew the day would be hot so I dressed accordingly keeping in mind that I had to attend her baby shower as well.

The blouse was a sleeveless, lightweight vest featuring an open back which allowed for a cool aeration when the wind blew. 
(TJ Maxx)

The polka dot skater skirt, also known as circle skirt was the perfect pairing for the light top and is right on trend with summer fashions. 

I was so happy to have found these flats and at such an affordable price [$13.99]. I thought it perfect for the amount of walking to be had that day.

You can view my video ootd/vlog on my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Emmy8405

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 Summer Faves
During the summer, you'll be hard pressed to find me in any semblance of makeup in South Florida; it's just too hot for it. But there are days when a girl wants to get dolled up [some] and these are my typical facial product choices.

 Iman stick foundation in Earth 7 offers a light, powder finish for under my eyes, since I opt out of using concealer, which can be oily, thus producing more sweat.

 I love this bronzer and pretty much wear it all year round. CoverGirl Queen Collection mineral bronzer in "Ebony"
 This "little pink tin" was gifted to me by a good friend, Matzvi, and it's the perfect lip balm.
 I use MAC's MSF in "Deep/Dark" all over the face just to help with blotting out oil.

THE most important summer item on my list however is bug repellant. It's so hot and humid here that the mosquitos and bugs are in full force. So on days in the back yard or at the park, these sprays and cream are a MUST.
 Repel Natural and Off! Botanical (both are deet free) but I use sprays with deet on forest-like park days.
 And finally, the only fragrance I use is this light, floral perfume "rose the one"
It is so fresh and unoffensive [imo] and perfect for summer days.

Thanks for reading and sharing my summer must-haves, 
You make it a great day.


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