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 Redefining Diet + Health

When someone says "diet" the immediate understanding of the word is a short-term fast of sorts or eating healthy for a quick stint of time. The word "diet" has become a fad to lose weight quickly and typically targeted towards a specific time of the year (ie Summer). However the term diet when used properly means a habitual consumption of food. And that is why nutritionists and health professionals use the term in a phrase that includes the word "healthy". Having a "healthy diet" is much more effective and has longer lasting results as opposed to "going on a diet". So rather than choosing to "go on a diet" I chose to change my lifestyle and eat healthy regularly, thus adopting a "healthy diet". Another misconception is that diets will result in weight loss. This is an illusion. The number decrease when on a diet is merely water. What you want is FAT LOSS. And that can only be seen in the mirror and with a measuring tape. Changing the way I thought about weight loss was the most freeing thing I could have done. With this change, not only have I lost a significant amount of weight [namely fat] I also feel better. I have more energy, and my body responded to nutrition and exercise tremendously well.

 I started the journey to a healthier me in June of 2011. I tried the ever so popular Master Cleanse and admit that I did lose weight, but it wasn't the kind of weight that an overweight or obese person wants to lose. When trying to lose weight, especially for those that have a high body fat percentage, the goal is to lose [burn] fat. Diets do not provide this. In order to actually lose weight [fat] a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and healthy eating habits is a MUST. So after doing the Master Cleanse I put the weight right back on because I wasn't burning fat and because the diet was short term it did not help me keep the weight off. Weight loss is not the number on the scale but the number on the measuring tape. When numbers decrease or remain the same on a scale, there is no knowing what that is attributed to. The scale remains the same it could be that nothing is happening OR the body is building muscle which is heavier than fat; but that's ok because it burns fat and essentially takes its place.

In 2012, I began to see the results of fat loss once I threw out the notion that I deserve to eat whatever I want because I'm an adult and person who likes food. I love food, I admit, but allowing it to rule me was showing physically on my body. So I got my lazy butt off the couch and in front of the computer and went to the gym. I worked out HARD and it was grueling. But aside from actually seeing results, the reward was knowing that I was doing something. That I was shaping my mind and body with my own hands and will. There is something so triumphant in completing a tough workout. It makes you feel incredible, invincible. And I found that with this lifestyle change, not only was my body shrinking and my mindset freed, other aspects of my life were changing for the better. 

So redefining "health" and "diet" is just one thing in life that can be a catalyst to change. Maybe approaching other things in life with a different mindset or redefining situations can help achieve more favorable results or a better understanding that sits well with everyone.

You make it a great day.

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